What is Whispin?

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Dagar! Welcome back to the land of the three H's. Heavy, Heat, Humidity.

Whispin is a planet in a binary star system caught an equal distance from both suns. The gravity is twice that of Earth, the heat is intense, there are no seasons, and the weather is wet. As Ghetsuhm has often said, stepping onto Whispin is like having a hot, wet rock dropped on your shoulders.

Visitors to Whispin may be adversely affected by the heavy gravity. Depending on body build, strength and home world gravity, movement may be mildly to severely limited. Over extended stays, the pressure may cause problems to the ears and sinuses and there may be heaviness in the chest causing difficulty breathing. Stamina may be decreased and they may sleep a lot more than normal, become exhausted much easier. In severe cases, ‘raptures’ may be experienced where hallucinations and a feeling of euphoria can occur as the body shuts down.

Whispin physiology:

The 2.5 Gs of gravity on Whispin can be crushing to off-worlders. The indigenous races are built stronger and heavier than races from Terran equivalents. Bone mass is thicker, the spinal column more resistant to stress. Musculature is denser, heavier in mass to resist pressure. Hearts are eight chambered, two sets of four decentralized from one another so if one set shuts down, the other takes over. However, if one knows what they are doing, both sets can be pierced at once. Several sets of redundant organs are present. Stomach, liver, kidney and lungs, depending on the species they can actually be dormant until the first set is damaged.
Metabolisms are extremely high, greater energy is expended against the heavy force of gravity. Whispin humanoids tend to eat a lot more than off-worlders and tend to be hyper active.

Length of Days

The cycle of days are measured as 48hrs. 16 of which are the nighttime hours. As a result of this, the culture is different from what one might be use too. Instead of days, the natives call them Cycles.

Several hours in midday are spent sleeping, sort of a Mexican siesta, but longer. A six-hour nap when the heat is at its peak. Meals are spaced out a little differently. With a 24-hour clock, as apposed to the 12 hr one we use, here is a breakdown of a Whispin Cycle
48 Hour Breakdown

16 hr darkness, 32 hr daylight
(16:00pm - 8:00am 16 hr night - most spent sleeping)

8:00 am - Breakfast

14:00 am Brunch (light fruit and such, the heat is getting intense)

15:00 am Sleep (6 hour sleep) (Zenith at 16:00)

21:00 am Second breakfast

1:00 pm Second Lunch

5:00 pm Dinner

11:00 pm light meal (fruit and such)

16:00 pm Bedtime

Make sense?

And you have to remember, there are two suns beating down on your head at their Zenith at around 16:00 am, sleeping during this time is a good thing. Now you see why Y'Roden seems to eat a lot. 3 meals a day is an odd idea in his opinion.

Shadows The two suns are ALWAYS 60 degrees apart from one another in the sky. Due to the position of the suns, you get two distinct shadows for a single object.

Moons The two moons travel at an incredibly rapid rate. You can actually watch their movement through the sky during the night as well as four hours in the morning, and four hours before bedtime. (1600) They come around the planet every 48hrs as opposed to the 30-day cycle of the Earth's moon. They are HUGE, seeming to loom over the landscape, and a bright purply white in colour.

Temperature 95 F (35C) and above. At Zenith it skyrockets to around 130F (54C) Depending on the location, the humidity ranges from 10 to 50 percent (desert to jungle) Closer to the poles the temp drops dramatically, enough to allow for snow in the Northern most area of Ciwnac.

Complete information on the Planet of Whispin can be found in the Glossary and Codex located at Bardic Web where Whispin’s stories are written.